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Abuser of puns, lover of mangoes and strong active verbs. My work has been in: Village Voice Businessweek Nature Medicine The New York Times Men's Journal Columbia Journalism Review

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Stopping the Next Plague - Page 1 - News - New York - Village Voice

Simon Anthony thumbs his iPhone while standing in line at a busy deli near Columbia University Medical Center in Washington Heights. While waiting to pay for his meatballs and french fries, an e-mail from a radiology la

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Anger Management Goes to the Doctor - Businessweek

George Anderson, a pioneer in the field, helps doctors deal with the pressures of the job without blowing their stacks

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The Many Dangers Posed by Burned-Out Doctors - Businessweek

Do your doctor’s symptoms include cynicism, emotional exhaustion, or viewing patients as objects rather than people? Burnout afflicts 50% of physicians

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The Spookiest Halloween

Karsten Moran for The New York Times
Dear Diary:
Nothing was spookier than bicycling late Wednesday night on Catherine Lane, where scaffolding has created a tunnel between buildings and Sandy has dark...

Jump Rope Benefits – MJ Approved

Getty Images
Jump Rope Benefits
Usain Bolt had good reason to want to flout Olympic rules and sneak his jump rope into the Summer Games: Jump ropes are a potent fitness tool. Boxing coaches and CrossF...

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365 Days to Bag the Poles and Everest | Men’s Journal

In November 2009, polar explorer Eric Larsen started a bid to become the first to climb Everest and reach both poles in single year. With both poles under his belt — he reached the North Pole on Earth...

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Key to suicide prevention may lie in subgroup analysis : Spoonful of Medicine

If efforts to prevent suicide—a cause of death that takes nearly 1 million lives each year worldwide—are going to be effective, experts may have to look beneath national rates.
Country averages belie ...

Quick-thinking mechanic helps cops nab suspected turnstile-jumper

Cops caught Bolly Camara after he tried to sneak under a turnstile at a subway… (Kevin Hagen for News - FILE…)
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
The N...

The Valley Advocate: News - Disconnected

Thursday, June 26, 2008
By Chase Scheinbaum
Chase Sheinbaum photo
John Clapp and his wife Dee (Diana) Boyle-Clapp live in Florence on the Clapp family farmstead, where five generations of John's ances...

The Valley Advocate: Wellness - Wellness: Spreading Like Yeast

Before the 1970s, only extremely health-conscious Americans ate yogurt. But thanks to its purported association with an especially long-lived people of the Caucasus Mountains, yogurt was heralded as a...

The Valley Advocate: I Do: Wedding Edition

I married my sister, and I highly recommend that others do the same—and not just because of the jokes one gets to make about the subject.
I had the recent honor of being asked by my sister and her the...

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Fake Meg Ryan ad sheds light on celeb drug endorsements : Spoonful of Medicine

Adam Levine, frontman of the rock band Maroon 5, has ADHD—a fact he states in awareness ads sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Shire that are sometimes paired with the NBC show “The Voice”, on wh...

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The Outer Banks Voice

NAGS HEAD, NC — In August 2011, when Hurricane Irene menaced the Eastern seaboard, The Outer Banks Voice was less than a year old. Drawing its name from a 200-mile ribbon of North Carolina’s coastline...

The Valley Advocate: Music - Behind the Beat: Sugar High

Thursday, April 10, 2008
By Chase Scheinbaum
photo courtesy of the Pop Rockets
The Pop Rockets will get noisy April 5, 10:30 a.m., Jones Library, Amherst.
It's mostly a typical rock-show scene—fans wr...